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Stationery - why do we love it so?

Stationery - why do we love it so?


Tormar loves the feeling of pen on paper. We like unusually shaped paperclips, a really decent pencil and a wooden ruler that we’ve had for years. We cherish it so much, in fact, that we made a pencil box to hold all of these precious items in. But in an age of super speedy laptops, smart phones and watches that ping with messages, it could be said that stationery is somewhat outdated. From paperless offices to smart whiteboards in schools, the joy of a fresh notebook seems to be getting pushed more and more to the sidelines. And yet it’s still a booming market. There are entire instagram accounts devoted to it and indeed very specific shops that specialise in it. So why do we love it so much?

Certainly there is a distinct nostalgic feeling associated with stationery. That back to school feeling, a fresh start, a whole new year awaiting you seemed to be summed up within that new pencil case or completely unmarked planner. This is such a common association, in fact, that we still find ourselves buying a new notebook or pen when starting a new job. Perhaps there is also an element of identity connected to these desk items. In a meeting, a notebook becomes an accessory as much as a handbag or a watch.

Certain brands are thoroughly enjoying time in this nostalgic spotlight. Many designers desks are graced by a Kaweco pen - who have been manufacturing pens and pencils in Germany since 1883. Their unapologetically retro, chunky styling and sweet shop colours are just too difficult to resist. Similarly the Palomino Blackwing pencil - revived once more in the nineties are now cult status pencils.

Not to be forgotten, of course, is the fact that stationery can be truly beautiful to all our senses. Perhaps a particular colour combination on an eraser, the reminiscent feel of blue ink flowing smoothly onto cartridge paper or the soft buttery leather feel of a notebook cover - these are all really happy objects and ultimately that’s what connects with us as humans, not screens.

We’d love to hear from you ‘Papyrophiliacs’ out there (otherwise known as stationery addicts) - what takes pride of place on your desk, are you a plain or ruled paper kind of person and do you still love the smell of pencil shavings as much as we do?