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Thats what She Shed!
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Thats what She Shed!

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Forget the man cave its all about the she shed!

We have learnt for many years that men have caves and what they do in there is a mystery. But recently theres a growing trend that is emerging - the She Shed, this is where women have been doing up the sheds and outdoor spaces to create their own space!

she shed melton pod pink house

As a retreat and a separate space to escape the stressful day of working, meal making or toddler tantrum taming! The She Shed has been big news recently and many women globally are transforming the mundane shed into places of pure paradise and a secret hideout from life.

interior of working from home pod

She Sheds differ to the Man Cave, they have all the comforts to create a home from home environment that is a woman’s space to kick back and relax!

She Sheds come in many shapes and forms and provide endless opportunities to house your favourite past time. Your choice, your space, your time to indulge your top hobbies. They can be used to house an interest such as pottery or jewellery making or a space to chat and have a giggle with friends.

bright colour working from home pod

It could even house a few pieces of gym equipment, a yoga retreat or maybe just a space with a comfy chair to read a book in peace! The options are endless and completely down to you! Just as long as when you go to your She Shed you enter your happy place.

We have talked about the importance of interiors and the link this has to our wellbeing and giving you a mood boost. This is exactly what the She Shed does but in buckets as it’s selfishly yours alone! Surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy and evokes happy memories is such a benefit for a positive feeling of wellbeing.

garden working from home pod

The interior of the She Shed is your time to shine, putting your unique individual stamp on it with no rules. You can go paired back simplicity or crank up the colour and go all out luxe. The decision is yours!

luxe working from home pod

If you are thinking about a She Shed have a look at the Melton Pod, this could be a great base for whatever you want that She Shed to be.

Just imagine a space to let your creativity run wild or simply to unwind with a cuppa and hide away.

The Melton Pod is your new She Shed waiting to bring your ideas and dreams into reality.

melton pod tormar

Tormar run a bespoke service to enable you to envisage your Pod with your design meeting your needs.

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