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Working from home

Working from home


Think back say a couple of years ago. Would you ever have imagined that working from home would be a normal part of our life?

And let's not start on Zoom meetings! A saving grace to be able to keep in touch visually with your co-workers, but choosing the perfect backdrop for your Zoom meeting needs to be approached with caution! We all remember the boss that virtually turned herself into a potato!

In the past, remote working or working from home has had a fairly bad reputation. Many employers believed their workforce would be too easily distracted at home, especially if their manager wasn't there to keep an eye on them. The opportunity of working from home was extremely rare a decade ago and was only available to employees with special arrangements.

However since the coronavirus pandemic that affected the whole world in 2020, working from home for many of us has become the normality of working life. And it is expected that the number of workers that will carry on working from home after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted will double in the UK.

With the technology we have at our hands, holding virtual meetings and even interviews it does seems theres no reason for this not to be one of the biggest trends to come out of the pandemic. It has even been estimated however, that by 2025 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least 5 days a week. Whilst we will all hail that 2020 was definitely the start of the work from home trend, it is in fact, just the beginning!

There are many benefits from remote working, not needing to travel in cars to and from work each day means that environmentally it has been very positive! For companies it has its bonuses too, it could be the case that if remote working becomes more and more popular, companies may well think about renting out smaller cheaper office spaces, this alone would be a major cost saving exercise!

One of the most exciting parts of working from home however, is personalising your curated set up, and Instagram was full of images of peoples new office spaces! Although for most the most exciting factor is the fact you can wake up at 8:55am, literally roll out of bed to your laptop and conduct a high powered business meeting wearing your pyjamas!

But it was apparent that some of the office set ups pictured on Instagram were perfectly fine, but there were a few that just needed that extra few metres to breath! If you share a house, particularly in a smaller house, either with a partner or friend(s) that all important need for space for a permanent working from home arrangement will become extremely important!!

Working from a kitchen table or on a sofa in your living room is just about ok for a temporary solution, but this emerging trend for a more long term working from home plan means some real thought needs to be given to an actual office space.

Of course it would be great to add on an extension to your property to allow for more space, but this can cost several tens of thousands if not more and would take months and month to build.

However there is another quicker and cheaper way to add space to your property which comes in the form of a work POD in your garden. POD building and utilising the space in the garden is a cost and space effective way to create an extra room. A fully insulated home office pods provides you with a dedicated work space which can also be a great investment and a valuable addition to your home.

Tormar have explored this idea and are soon to launch their Tormar POD. The Tormar POD is completely bespoke to your needs, it can be customised to the size of the space you have and can come completely built out with desks and shelving. It is as flexible as that!

The launch of the POD is coming soon, for all POD enquiries email