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Small but perfectly formed!
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Small but perfectly formed!

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The new generation of home owners are seriously thinking out of the box when it comes to interiors.

Gone are the days of specific rooms in a house with the trend now moving to the more favoured open plan living spaces. The effect of more people working from home has made people rethink the layout their spaces and the need for transforming a room from working area to dining room in quick smart time when needed, especially in smaller spaces where you don’t have room to permanently set up a long term office!

In some ways transforming a smaller space it so much more satisfying and creatively aspiring than being presented with vast sized rooms. It requires a real exciting way to think and some solutions are genius!

Moveable Furniture

Furniture takes prime place here and the need for more moveable pieces will help transform the room in seconds. Look for pieces with wheels the you can move around. Even using pieces to create areas and corner of areas to add depth.

Mobile furniture


Playing with proportions is a great start. For example shrinking your dining area, the best way to do this is with a round table. Able to still get four people around it, the proportion of this will make the space feel so much bigger.
Round table for small spaces
Proportions actually applies to other decretive pieces in a small space, for example artwork, if you opt for smaller pieces, the wall then will seem so much bigger.

Art wall for small spaces

Being resourceful is a great way to approach interiors in a smaller space. A stool can double up as a side table and as well as a stool. Just like the Bridgford Stool from Tormar. It looks great as it original intentions but also doesn't look out of place balancing books if there is a need!

Bridgford Stool Tormar

Use The Walls!
Mounting your TV on to the wall will help save so much space. Gone are the days of the heavy TV cabinet to hold all your DVDs! Slim TV such as the Samsung The Frame will open up a room, this wall mounted TV also acts doubles up as a piece of art!

Samsung Frame TVAdopting the idea of mounting things on the walls can really apply to most things. Getting creative like this heart shape bike rack from Martin Foret is testament to this! Less of a way to store things, more an intentional statement piece!

Bike on wall small space

Optical Illusions

Mirrors are great for adding depth, even in unlikely place like the kitchen or your working at home office space. It's the oldest trick in the box but it will make the room feel lighter, airier and bigger!

Mirror for small spacesAnother trick to create an airy room is to opt for lighter tones, this smaller room seems a lot bigger than it is by the white allowing light to flood in.

White room small spaces

Furniture With Legs…

Thats right. Seeing the flooring under the sofa will actually make the room feel more spacious. Adding space this trick will make you think the room is more spacious!

Sofa with legs for small spaces

Fold Away Pieces

Built in folding pieces of furniture mean that you can collapse on the go. A pull out desk is perfect for working from home as at the end of the day you can push the work and the days stresses out of sight!

Fold out desk for small spaces

So no matter the size of your house and the rooms inside, there are many tips and tricks to maximise what you have! We have covered a few basics, but playing around with your space you will soon get to feel what works and what doesn't. But just have fun!